One of the best business opportunities in India that you can launch from the comfort of your own home is starting a blog. To begin a career in blogging in India, you don’t need to leave your job or your studies! 

Once you start earning money from your blog, you can turn it into a full-time business or job. Or you can start blogging as a side business too. But please remember, blogging is about more than just making money…

Businesses that are already established can also start blogging to increase the number of high-quality leads that come to them.

Blogging helps a business website rank higher on Google. In this article, I’ll also explain why it’s the smartest decision you’ve ever made.

Indians are first and foremost passionate readers. According to one research, the average Indian reads for more than 10 hours each week. 

That is an hour more than Thailand, which has the second-highest reading rate with an average reading duration of 9 hours.

Additionally, every year there is a notable increase in the number of people in India who have access to the internet.

India is expected to have more than a billion (100 Crore) internet users by the year 2024. There will be a significant increase from the 750 million (75 Crore) internet users in 2020.

how to start a Blog in India 2022
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The best aspect is that starting a blog with a professional appearance is now simpler than it has ever been.

It makes no difference if you’re a college student or an expert web developer. I’m sure you can start a blog before the day is over with the correct knowledge & resources.

But first, let’s discuss the benefits of starting a blog in India.

Why Should You Start A Blog?

If you live in India and are interested in making money online, I recommend creating a blog. With the use of a blog, you can, if you so choose, enjoy life to the fullest. 

Starting a blog in India is the very first step in this process that will lead to success for you.

Therefore, after reading this post, you will be well-informed on how to start a blog in India, which will create a new path for you to succeed in the future.

To start a blog, all you need is some direction and you’ll be fine. to make blogging simple for you.

Today, we’ll go over a few simple but crucial steps for starting a blog in India, enabling you to do so without making any mistakes and to make money from it pretty soon.

Lastly, I’ll also share with you some creative methods that will enable you to grow your blog to new heights and carve out a distinct identity in the blogging world.

What Are The Best Benefits Of Starting A Blog?

You should be aware of the potential consequences before starting a blog in India, right?

Some of you may be wondering, “Why should I create a blog?🤔” Will I benefit from it, or not?

I want to tell you that the year 2024 is a great time to start a blog in India and grow it to new heights.

The competitiveness in the blogging industry is growing rapidly. In such a case, you should establish a blog right away. 

If you start early, you can have more opportunities and possibilities than those who come after you.

There are numerous advantages to starting and maintaining a blog in India. In addition, you will learn about a few unanticipated advantages of blogging that you can use now and in the future.

What Can You Achieve Through A Blog In This Digital Era?

There are unlimited things you can achieve through blogging in this digital and online era. I would like to mention the top 3 of them here.

1. You Will Have The Freedom To Express Yourself To The World

By writing to your audience about yourself, your knowledge, your services, your products, etc., you will have the freedom to express yourself through blogging. 

You can gain your readers’ trust and establish a solid reputation with the help of the methods I will mention in this article.

2. You Can Help Others & Become Others’ Mentor

You already know that by starting a blog, you can write about any subject (on which you are an expert). 

Therefore, you can assist your audience on that issue by generating content (in a particular niche) for your site. for example, I’m generating and publishing content related to Blogging, Digital marketing, making money online, and assisting new bloggers.

You can gain the confidence and support of your readers in this way, which will benefit you in the long run.

3. You Can Achieve Financial Freedom Without A 9to5 Job

I can assure you that blogging has a high potential for financial gain. Your diligence and hard work will eventually pay off, though. 

Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense ads are two additional & popular ways you can profit passively from your site.

I believe now you have no doubts about why you should start blogging in India. A blog provides you with the opportunity to both start making money and live a successful life.

So let’s get started and explore what is required to launch a blog in India. I will try to keep everything simple, informative & interesting.

What Are The Different Types Of Blogs?

There are so many different types of blogs in the online world. It’s all up to you which type of blog you want to start. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of blogs you can start right now.

  • Personal Blog
  • Professional Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Niche Blog
  • News Blog
  • Affiliate Blog and more.

Now, you’re fully aware – of what is blogging, and what benefits you’ll get with a blog. So now it’s time to answer our main question for which you have come here.

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How To Start A Blog In India In Just 12 Steps?

This 12-step blogging guide can be lengthy but I insist you invest your time & attention here so that you won’t have to read any other guide or watch any other tutorial video to start blogging in India.

Step 1: Select An Interesting & Profitable Blog Topic Or Niche

Select an interesting profitable niche
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One of the most crucial choices you have to make at the beginning of your blogging career is choosing a specific niche.

There’s no need to rush this. A niche you choose will affect your blog’s profitability and long-term motivation, so choose wisely.

1. What Is A Blog Niche?

You must first decide on a subject or topic for your blog before you can start writing. To be successful, it’s crucial to select a certain niche.

A blog niche is a narrow topic that you select in order to write about or produce any kind of content for your blog, avoiding wider topics.

A niche is similar to a subject, topic, or category. You must select a more suitable niche from among its various topics. You might be able to win the game pretty quickly if you start your blog in a more favourable and profitable niche.

2. Why Should You Focus On A Niche?

It’s usual that you won’t be successful if you attempt to create a blog that caters to multiple niches. News Sites are one of the best examples of a multi-niche blog. 

News blogs are used to publish articles on nearly every topic whether it’s politics, business, technology, or sports. They get ranked because of tons of posts, their high domain authority, and so on.

But in your initial days, you won’t have these. So try to pick a subject on which you can write at least 100 articles. 100 may be a large number for you. But, if you truly want to become a good blogger for the longer term, you should be ready to produce that much content.

Therefore, it is always preferable to choose an area in which you are truly interested and are also somewhat knowledgeable.

3. How To Find Good Blog Topic Ideas?

First of all, find your interest in a wide range of topics such as –

  • Health
  • Wealth (Finance)
  • Relationships
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Academic
  • Sports
  • Travel and so on.

Suppose you are interested in the Entertainment category. Just think & explore this category. The Entertainment sector is divided into several categories in India like – Bollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood, Kollywood, TV, Web Series, Short Films, etc.

Let’s niche down this Entertainment category and pick ‘web series’ Now again, you may divide this into –

  • Hindi Web Series
  • Netflix Web Series
  • Science-fiction Web Series and so on.

Any of the categories or niches can be narrowed down into smaller niches. Keep narrowing down a wider topic to smaller niches and create a list of all the potential blog topics for you.

4. How To Select The Best Niche For Your Blog?

Ideal concept of Profitable Niche Selection
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When choosing your niche, there are 2 factors you must do before going all-in.

Your profession, purpose, and passion should all revolve around your niche. It needs to be something that the world needs, that you love, that you are good at, and that you can make money doing.

If you want to be successful as a blogger, many resources recommend that you choose a subject that you are truly interested in. I think you’ll find that to be true in most cases. 

It will be better if there is less competition in that particular niche. Make sure the niche you’re selecting is a money-making niche through any medium or method.

Step 2: Select The Best-Suited Domain For Your Blog

Select A best domain name
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It’s now time to choose a catchy domain name that also serves as the name of your blog.

Your brand might be recognized by its domain name. It’s how others will find out about the amazing content you publish. You want readers to readily recall and recognize your brand. Therefore, be careful when selecting a domain name.

Consider your passions, hobbies, or life experiences when choosing the finest blog name or domain name. Additionally, it’s advised that you pick a .COM, .NET, or.ORG domain over others because they are simpler to remember.

Although most of the single-word domains are already taken, so opt for 2 or 3 words for the name. Use keywords that accurately describe your blog’s content when naming it so that search engines can recognize it and help you define your blog’s niche.

Avoid using hyphens and digits since they are hard to recall. And always aim for memorable or catchy names.

Utilize your name or a memorable variation of it to establish your personal brand as soon as your blog goes online.

LeanDomainSearch is a very useful tool to find some amazing domain ideas. I also use this website often to find domains for my blogs & websites.

leandomainsearch image for domain research
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1. What Is A Domain Name?

Your blog’s domain serves as its specialized online address.,, and more are some examples. You can choose from a variety of domain extensions, including ‘.com’ ‘.in’ ‘.org’ ‘’, and so on. 

It is always advised to purchase a ‘.com’ domain since it is among the most well-liked domain extensions. However, that is not compulsory at all!

2. Where Should You Buy A Domain Name?

There are so many domain registrars out there and you may purchase your domain name on any of those platforms.

However, I will recommend you purchase from trusted registrars like NameSilo, and others.

Use our exclusive coupon code “EYNWORLD” on a domain purchase at NameSilo and get an instant $1 discount.

As these reliable platforms have the highest uptime percentage, and the majority of the options, and if you get confused or stuck at any stage, their support system is always there to help you.

3. Should Your Name Be Based On Your Blog Niche?

It is quite advantageous to do this. People can predict what they will find in this blog by seeing the search results if the main term is added to the domain name.

Even though it’s not mandatory, all of this is beneficial for your blog from an SEO perspective and will help it rank higher.

Step 3: Choose a Platform Free Or Paid

You must have already selected a great niche and domain name for your blog by this point. We’ll now go to the most crucial step, which will aid you in creating a blog that appears professional.

You might be wondering what the next crucial step is at this point. The answer is the platform on which you’ll launch your blog.

Don’t worry; I’ll give you some tips on how to choose a platform for your blog. You can start a blog for free if you’d like, using a platform that won’t cost you anything. 

You might also create a blog on a self-hosted platform if you have some extra cash to spend.

Before you continue, I want to talk to you about free and self-hosted blogging platforms. 

Whether you agree or not, a solid platform makes your job easier and decides the viability of your blog. Therefore, I will advise you to start a blog by making a wise platform choice.

To make your work easier, I’ve provided a brief overview of the free and paid (self-hosted) platforms. I really hope this aids you in making an informed platform selection.

1. Which Are The Best Free Blogging Platforms?

There are so many free blogging platforms that you can use to start blogging without any cost. Some of the popular names are – Blogger, Wix, Hubpages, Medium, and sort of.

But if you want to start a blog for free, then you have to keep in mind that you will have to adjust with limited features. Here are some limitations or restrictions:

  • You can’t get your own domain in most cases. You’ll have to bear with free subdomains like – ‘’ and ‘’ etc.
  • To make money, you must put up a lot of effort.
  • An article’s SEO analysis is highly challenging.
  • A blog built on a free platform is not actually yours.
  • You don’t have total authority over that blog.
  • You can’t control your blog’s backend data.
  • The free platform’s customization options are limited for blogs.
  • On any single mistake, your account might be suspended and you’ll lose all your data & content.

2. What Is A Self-Hosted Blog?

Starting a blog on a self-hosted platform is highly advantageous when taken seriously. Because you have full control here and a variety of functions. 

Your blog is yours to maintain whenever you choose. In other words, you have complete control over the information on your site.

Let me warn you that setting up a self-hosted blog will cost you some money. However, this cost is not so high that you can’t afford it. If you choose, you can run a blog for just 300 (~$4) rupees per month.

If you are serious about writing, having your own blog on a self-hosted platform will be really advantageous. 

Here, you have total control over the blog. You also receive a lot more features (including themes & plugins), which are crucial for establishing a successful blog.

WordPress can be the finest choice if you wish to build a self-hosted blog. We’ll explore more about WordPress’s benefits for you. 

However, as WordPress is a self-hosted platform, you’ll require hosting to set up a blog on it. Additionally, you must consider a variety of factors before making a successful hosting purchase.

3. What Are The Benefits Of WordPress?

You might be surprised to know that WordPress is the biggest CMS or “Content Management System” in the world. It powers more than 43% of blogs & websites on the entire internet.

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to build a decent or professional blog or website. There are numerous benefits of having your blog on self-hosted WordPress such as;

  • It gives you the freedom to design & customize your blog with tons of themes & design blocks.
  • There are unlimited plugins for all the different customization and operations to run your blog smoothly.
  • It gives you huge options to write & manage your content.
  • In WordPress, you get several systems to secure your blog plus, you can also take 100% backups of your entire data or content.
  • It doesn’t require you any coding or programming skills.
  • Since WordPress is so popular worldwide, you get huge learning resources, guides, video tutorials and so much more about this platform. So you can get answers to almost every query.
  • But there is a minus factor too. WordPress websites are mostly targeted by hackers due to their popularity. However, it’s very rare and still, you get the functions to secure your site.

4. What Should You Choose Between Free And Paid Platforms?

I think I don’t need to answer this question after you read 3 of the above sections. In short, if you want to pursue your blogging career for years or have any long-term vision, you must consider the Self-hosted paid platform.

Just think to yourself, if you’re getting something for free, you must consider why it is free! 🤔 Now the decision is yours!

Step 4: Get Ultra-Fast Web Hosting For Your Blog

get ultra-fast web hosting Start a blog in india 2022
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In this section, we will talk about everything about web hosting including what is hosting, how to select the best hosting, etc. I will also share some most popular & reliable names to get ultra-fast web hosting for your blog. But before that let’s answer some queries!

In the 4th section, I will also tell you the ‘Secret Hack’ 😍to get up to 80% discount while purchasing a web hosting plan.

1. What is Web Hosting?

You are aware that a server is necessary for a website. It resembles a hard disc in a computer where you keep all the data of your blog or website.

This server allows access to your data whenever someone searches using your domain name.

Web hosting is a location where all of the contents in your blog are saved and displayed when someone attempts to access it. 

Like a computer hard drive, hosting saves all of your data—including photographs, articles, and pages—and keeps it safe. The provision of space on this server is known as hosting.

2. How To Select The Best-Suited Hosting Plan?

To select the best-suited hosting plan for your blog, first, you need to understand the different types of hosting.

Here is the list of web hosting services that you will find in the market:

Shared Web Hosting:-

Most people use this hosting because it’s less expensive due to the fact that a single server hosts numerous websites here. This is a decent plan for a new blogger. For shared web hosting, I will recommend you to pick Fastcomet Hosting plans it’s because it provides fast, secure, stable, and cloud-based server hosting. . As I’m also using Fastcomet Hosting for the 2 different blogs.

I have also used some other hosting services such as FastComet, Hostinger, and DreamHost which are also great and worth buying.

VPS Web Hosting:–

In this sort of hosting, a portion of a server is made available to you exclusively for your use. It costs a little bit more than shared hosting. This gives you better performance.

Dedicated Web Hosting:–

If your business is expanding quickly, you should purchase this hosting. Because you get the whole server, which you may customize to your needs. But also keep in mind that it is pretty expensive.

Reseller Web Hosting:–

This hosting is beneficial for launching a business. Anyone can use reseller hosting to launch their own hosting company. This kind of hosting is something you may also sell to your client.

Managed WordPress Web Hosting:–
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Managed WordPress hosting can be quite helpful for you if you want to start your own business but lack the time to deal with it. This particular hosting solution is expertly managed and specially tailored to give your WordPress blog the best possible performance. and WP Engine are perfect for Managed WordPress Web Hosting. By the way, FastComet, A2Hosting, and DreamHost are also some of the best alternatives.

Cloud Server Web Hosting:–
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
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This hosting is best for a business website. But you can also use it for a personal website. In this service, you have to pay as per your usage, or you can also buy a specific plan. Cloudways is considered to be the best option for Cloud Web Hosting in the world.

After reading about all these hosting options you might be confused and you might be wondering which hosting should you opt for.

So let me tell you that if you are going to start a new blog, then Shared Hosting will be the ideal choice for you.

You can get cloud-based shared hosting from Fastcomet, which is fast, secure, and stable and provides you with a free domain, free SSL, and SSD storage servers. Click on Activate Deal and use coupon code “HAHOT75” at checkout to get a 75% discount exclusive for you. 😍

Activate Exclusive Deal ->

3. Which Are The Perfect Web-Hosting Platforms?

Well, we have already discussed some of the best web hosting platforms. If you’re going to start your blogging journey or you haven’t much experience in this field, you should go with Fastcomet as it provides fast, secure, simple, reliable & effective services.

Here is the list of some of the best web hosting companies:

4. Remember These Points While Buying Any Web Hosting Plan

Always remember to check the mentioned 11 must-have Points while making a hosting plan purchase for your first blog or business website, or for an existing website with good traffic.

1. Technical Support

Always check while purchasing a hosting plan if the website/hosting company provides you with 24×7 technical customer support or not. It’s a mandatory point to notice.

2. Free SSL & Domain

While purchasing a hosting plan, check whether it provides Free SSL & domain or not. Because SSL stands for (Secure Sockets Layer) which is mandatory while launching a website for website security and credibility, if the company provides a free domain, it would also be great.

3. Uptime

Always check that the hosting company provides you with guaranteed high uptime & their servers are running all time, so your website is always live and does not lose a single visitor. A 99.9%+ hosting server uptime is required and suitable for your website.

I have been using Fastcomet in my other blog since its start, and my website never got down for more than 5 minutes. In my case, the hosting average uptime is 99.97%+, almost 100%.

4. Website Security

Also, check they provide you with the best security services, such as Imunify360, brute force, and malware scanning & protection, so your website does not get hacked and is always live.

5. Fast Loading Speed

Their servers must be fast & secure, so your website opens quickly and is always secured. It also helps in your website rankings & user engagement.

6. Email Features

Always check that they provide you with free email features so that you can make your custom business email accounts and set up forwarders, Autoresponders, Email filtering, Email Virus Scanner, and unlimited email accounts.

7. Free Website Transfer

They provide you with a free website transfer if you have an existing website, so its data is transferred fast and live quickly, so you do not lose visitors. And you didn’t get charged for such a service.

8. Development Features

Always check if they provide you with development features such as SSH/Bash Access, Perl, Python, Node.js, Git, WP CLI, Drush, and PHP Frameworks (Symfony/Laravel/Zend) are available for free of cost so you can use these development features to develop your website.

9. No cancellation fee

They always provide you with the cancellation of their services without asking for any cancellation fee.

10. Money-back Guarantee

Many companies provide a money-back guarantee but check if they offer you a no-asked money-back guarantee or not so that you can get your full money if you don’t like their services within their money-back guarantee period. If the company provides a money-back guarantee for more than 30 days, it’s excellent and worth buying.

11. Popularity & reviews

This point is crucial and helps you get the best & Affordable web hosting for your blog. Always check if the company is famous among others and check their customer reviews on open platforms such as HostAdvice & Trustpilot, which are trusted and done by real users.

Mostly all the hosting companies claim to provide all the above features. But some companies follow these responsibilities and serve the services faithfully.

We have already mentioned those hosting providers above, but we will discuss them straightforwardly and advise you to use FastComet Web hosting services.

Because Fastcomet web hosting is perfect and advisable for starting a blog, as they provide all the features mentioned above, their customer support is also excellent.

Here you’ll get SSD lightspeed servers, more than 11 data centers, including (Mumbai) India 😍, imunify360 for website security, Free SSL & Domain, a 45-day no-asked money-back guarantee, and no cancellation fee.

It already hosts more than 1M+ customers. its plans are also cheaper for new users which start from $2.49/month (the price is after a 75% discount & 3 year purchase)

Initially, I used budget hosting (I do not want to mention the hosting company name); my website speed was poor, and the website’s performance was also disappointing. Then I had a lot of research about hosting companies and used many hosting companies, but when I started using Fastcomet. I got surprising performance with excellent website speed.

See the below-cited screenshot where you can see a 4.9-star rating of Fastcomet by more than 1489+ real users on HostAdvice.

Fastcomet reviews on hostadvice
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Now we will know how to purchase the best hosting for a new blog or an existing blog. If you want to choose your favorite or another hosting provider such as; Hostinger, A2Hosting, Sitecountry, or DreamHost, you’re free to choose.

But I recommend purchasing the Best fast, reliable, secure, and cloud hosting at an affordable price from Fastcomet with an exclusive 75% discount 😍.

Here you’re getting A free domain which means you don’t have to purchase a domain from here or any registrar; it will save you almost $15.

So without wasting time, let’s purchase the best and most popular web hosting at an affordable price.

Pro Tip: Hosting prices are affordable and cheaper for new hosting users. It’s because they provide hosting at a cheaper price with higher discounts. Renewal prices are higher, meaning if you’re purchasing hosting for a month or one year, you have to pay standard renewal prices to use its services further. If you want to get the hosting at an affordable price and want to run your blog for the long term, consider buying a hosting plan for a more extensive billing cycle. It will save you a lot.

5. How To Purchase The Best Hosting Service (Fastcomet)?

As I promised, I will tell you the trick to get a 75% discount on purchasing hosting services. But before that let’s go through the steps to buy a hosting service!

Step 1

Visit the site of Fastcomet through my special link and proceed to click on Plans & Pricing.

Fastcomet purchase guide step 1
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Step 2

Now scroll down and pick a suitable package from the comparison table, as per your preference. Click to select the plan. Personally, I selected the third one in my initial days.

FastComet purchase guide step 2
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Step 3

You will get a free domain name from Fastcomet for life. Now find a suitable domain name for you and select one, then click Use this domain.

FastComet purchase guide step 3
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Step 4

Select the nearest Data Center for the best website performance and select the preferred billing cycle, which I had selected for 3 years(triennially);(I would recommend you to get hosting for a bigger billing cycle for greater discounts).

FastComet purchase guide step 4
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Step 5

Now use the exclusive coupon code HAHOT75 to get a 75% discount at the time of checkout.

Finally, enter your personal information and select a payment method like debit/credit card, PayPal, etc. Confirm all your details and proceed to Checkout/Complete Order.

Fastcomet Purchase Guide step 5
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After the completion of the transaction, you will receive an ‘order confirmation email from Fastcomet within 1-2 minutes.

Follow all the steps available in your email and you’re good to go.

6. How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog On Fastcomet?

In the next step (Step 5) we will discuss this in detail. Simply you will have a cPanel (traditional, simple & reliable). There you need to install WordPress through Softaculous.

7. How To Configure Your Existing Domain With The Blog?

Step 1

Log-In your Fastcomet dashboard, go to ‘Domains’ and then ‘My Domains’, under that click “Manage Domains’

Step 2

Now go to the ‘Nameservers & DNS Zone.

If you purchased your domain on the same platform, you can choose “Use default nameservers”.  Otherwise, you will have to “Use custom nameservers” if your domain is on another platform.

Suppose you have purchased your hosting on Fastcomet but your domain on NameSilo. In that case, collect the DNS details of Fastcomet and copy-paste them into the NameSilo domain management area.

Step 5: Install & Setup WordPress Account?

Wordpress installation and account Setup How to start a blog in india 2022
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In this step you’ll know how to install a WordPress account from different methods, and

1. How To Install WordPress From A Hosting Account?

Fastcomet offers conventional cPanel website management and monitoring. 

You have all the features and tools you need to administer your website with the cPanel control panel, including a Free SSL Certificate for encryption, regular Backups to make your blog restore-ready whenever you need it, and many other tools of this nature.

Follow the below-given steps to install WordPress.

Step 1

Goto your Fastcomet dashboard, scroll down to Products>My Products click on the “cP” icon (control panel) and click proceed after entering the master password.

How to install wordpress with fastcomet step 2
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Step 2

Now the control panel is open, click on the search bar and enter “WordPress”. After that you’ll see “WordPress Manager by Softaculous”, click on it.

How to install wordpress step 3
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Step 3

Now WordPress management dashboard will open. Click on the “Install” button. Now select your domain in choosing the installation URL with https:// protocol.

Scroll down and fill in the basic details such as website name, description, account username, and password.

How to install wordpress step 4
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After that scroll down and click install.

wordpress installation guide step 4
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Pro tip: Save your email address, username, and password in your computer’s notepad or in a secured location, or in any notebook.

Wait for a few seconds and boom your WordPress installation is successful. 😍

2. How to set up your WordPress account?

Now you have successfully installed WordPress with the help of the above instructions and your WordPress Blog is ready to manage & explore.

Login to your WordPress Blog Dashboard by using the link “” or “” in your browser search bar and enter. 

Replace the term “” with your “domain name”. You can bookmark this URL for the future.

Here, you must provide the email address/username and password that you used while installing WordPress. Your WordPress Dashboard will open up when you enter the login page.

You must make a few important changes to your WordPress Dashboard before continuing. Here are the three most important settings:

General Settings

Enter the site title, and tagline, and select site language, A screenshot is shared below which includes these settings.

WordPress Dashboard General Settings start a blog in india
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Reading Setting

Don’t tick or click on the ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site option because if you click on this option, your site wouldn’t be crawled by google or indexed in the result your site couldn’t rank.

  • Save

Set your blog post permalink to, It will help you with SEO.

  • Save

The most crucial settings must be made before using any other WordPress dashboard feature. Later on, you can change further options.

Step 6: Install The Best, Lightweight & Fast-Loading Theme For Your Blog

Select a perfect wordpress theme
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The appearance of your WordPress blog is important because you are establishing a new blog.

In blogging, a blog’s appearance and design are very important because if your blog design is poor, you will lose a lot of readers and traffic. Readers are drawn to blogs with attractive designs and layouts.

You are free to utilize any of the free WordPress themes in your portfolio for your blog. However, I would never suggest that you utilize the Free WordPress theme if you want more customization options and features on your website for a professional look.

If you are committed to your blog and see it as a career, it is wise to spend money on the Best and Fastest Premium WordPress Themes and other premium tools.

1. Which Types Of Themes Should You Choose For Your Blog?

Even though the market is flooded with premium themes, it is impossible to try them all. 

However, I’ll show you a few premium themes that are pretty well-liked. These themes are also used by many professional bloggers.

I’ll go through some additional, highly popular themes. To ensure that you get a better theme, you should consider a few things before making your purchase.

  • The theme must be lightweight and user-friendly.
  • The latest WordPress version is compatible with that theme.
  • Your theme must be responsive.
  • Make sure the theme company provides technical support or not.

2. What Are Some Best Themes In The Market?

By the way, I have used the Rishi theme in my blog, which is one of the fastest and lightest themes. 

Rishi Theme
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In this theme, you also get huge numbers of readymade templates that you can install on your blog. Also, this theme is very easy to customize.

In Rishi Pro Theme you’ll get some Advanced Blogging Features that will help you in ranking, increasing CTR, SEO, increasing revenue, and increasing engagement, such as;

  • Adblocker Detector: Using Rishi theme’s Adblocker detector, your website will detect if someone using Adblocker and guide your users to disable it to increase your ads revenue and maximize ARPV.
  • Multiple Authors: With multiple authors, your article will be more credible. Increase E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) by adding multiple authors which is an important SEO ranking factor.
  • Sticky Promo: If you’re thinking about running an affiliate blog and want to improve your earnings It will be a great feature for you. Using the Sticky Promo feature you can promote ads or affiliate products at the top or bottom. It can drastically increase the CTR (Click-through rate) and conversion.
  • Inline-Related Posts: Inline-related posts are crucial as they help in internal linking, which also helps in SEO and rankings. Using inline-related posts will increase page views and rankings.
  • Affiliate Disclosure: This feature is also required and most beneficial for affiliate blogs. Adding affiliate disclosures improves website trust and honesty among consumers. The law also requires it in some countries. You can easily add affiliate disclosure on your website.
  • Quick Summary: Using the Quick Summary feature, you can quickly summarize your article and capture the readers’ attention. And increase your post engagement which is most crucial for Ranking.
  • Autoload Posts: It will automatically load the latest post according to your settings as the reader scrolls down the page, keeping up-to-date with the newest content and increasing engagement time.
  • News Ticker: Using News Ticker, you can notify your readers about important information/blog posts on your website and keep them engaged.
  • Emoji Reaction: With Rishi theme’s Emoji reaction feature, you can provide an interactive way for your readers to share thoughts about your content with Emojis. It can help you get important insights and improve your blog in the future.
  • Post Filter: The post filter feature helps your readers quickly search for the blog they want by sorting the posts with categories and tags.

You will also get 90+ pre-made starter websites with Rishi Theme Pro which you can use to make a professional, fast, and performance-ready website with just a single click.

There are 9 pre-made starter sites for Blog and magazine website.

You can use all the features mentioned above on your website and don’t have to use multiple plugins for the same features; using multiple plugins will decrease the website’s speed & performance. If you really care about such features without losing the website speed and performance then purchasing a pro version of Rishi Theme will be great for you.

You can get all the features by purchasing a Pro version of “Rishi Theme” by clicking on the below Try Rishi Pro Theme button, which will automatically save you an additional 20%. Because we have collaborated with Rishi theme and generated an exclusive 20% discount deal only for EYNZone InfoBlog! members.

There are also other good themes available in the market which I have also used and liked such as Astra, Generatepress, KadenceWP & Divi.

3. How To Install A Perfect Theme In Your Blog?

As I said, Rishi is a lightweight and fast-loading theme, so it would be perfect for your new blog. Now let’s go through the procedure to install this theme in your blog.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Install the best lightweight, fast, core web vitals optimized, and easy-to-customize theme “Rishi Theme”.

Step 1

Click on Rishi Theme, and open the official site. And click on the “Download Rishi For Free” button.

rishi theme download and install
  • Save
Step 2

Now the Rishi theme download modal will be open. Just fill in the basic details such as email address, first name, and last name. And click on the “Download” button.

  • Save
Step 3

After clicking on Download Now button you’ll see a purchase receipt. Scroll down and you’ll see the license key & product Rishi theme file. Just click on rishi_1.1.6(version) and download the file.

  • Save
Step 4

After downloading the file go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. Now click on Add New theme, you can see below-given screenshot.

  • Save
Step 5

Now you’ll see an option called Upload theme just click on it, You’ll see choose file option, just click on Choose File and select Downloaded Rishi theme file. Now just Click Install Now.

  • Save
Step 6

After installing the theme click on the Activate option. Good News! 😍 The theme is installed successfully, and ready to customize.

activate theme
  • Save

If you’re still facing any problems with installing the Rishi theme. Watch the full video, follow all the steps available in the given video, and install the Rishi theme.

If you want to use another WordPress theme you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

Step 1

Go to your WordPress dashboard, look for ‘Appearance’, and click on ‘Themes’. Now click on ‘Add New’ to add a new theme.

  • Save
Step 2

You will be shown a huge library of themes where some featured themes will be displayed first. Either you can select any random one or search for a perfect theme. For example, we have selected the Astra theme.

select WordPress theme
  • Save
Step 3

To install a theme, click ‘Install’ and then click ‘Activate’ to get done.

install & Activate Astra theme
  • Save

That’s it, your theme has been installed!

Step 7: Install Plugins To WordPress Blog

install essential WordPress plugins
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Now let’s talk about the plugins and their benefits. We will also talk about some of the most important plugins for your blog.

1. What are the Plugins?

Plugins are a type of software that you may use to enhance the functionality of your blog and give it a more professional presence.

You won’t be able to use several features of your WordPress blog if you don’t use the plugin.

2. What Is The Purpose Of Plugins?

Plugins, in a sense, act as WordPress’s wheels. In the absence of it, WordPress is almost useless.

You may improve your blog’s content, SEO, loading speed, and security with the aid of the plugins. Let me discuss a few essential plugins that every aspiring blogger needs.

3. What Are The Most Useful Plugins To Install?

There are tons of Plugins available in the WordPress dashboard or library but you don’t need to install all of them. Here is the list of the most useful plugins you must install for your blog.

a) SUCURI Plugin
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Sucuri is a cloud-based WordPress security tool used to secure WordPress blogs & websites. This plugin filters all the traffic before reaching your blog or hosting server.

The SUCURI plugin has lots of features including malware detection, integrity monitoring, and security hardening. Sucuri doesn’t do any deep scans on the server level because it checks everything remotely.

The premium version of Sucuri offers to safeguard websites, enhance performance, keep an eye out for signs of hacking, and provide limitless help for security breaches.

It’s important to remember that Sucuri is intended to enhance your current web security. It offers you a variety of solutions to lower risks, improve your level of security awareness, and provide you with more peace of mind.

b) RankMath Plugin
rankmath banner
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Rank Math is a plugin that works like an SEO suite. It has a lot of features to make sure that your website is optimized for search engines in the best way possible.

The major difference between Rank Math and other SEO plugins (like Yoast) is that it’s a freemium plugin. This plugin offers more features even in its free version than any other plugins do.

However, Yoast SEO is a good alternative to RankMath & has similar features. Personally, I prefer to use RankMath. Even many new-age bloggers also prefer RankMath.

Note: A detailed RankMath Review with How to use it for best SEO results will be published soon. Stay tuned! 😍

c) UpdraftPlus Plugin
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UpdraftPlus is the most widely used scheduled backup plugin in the WordPress library, with over 10 lakhs (1 million) active installations

It’s one of the most feature-rich WordPress backup plugins available. Even for those who are completely inexperienced, UpdraftPlus makes it simple to set up and recover backups. 

Compared to the majority of other plugins, it provides more cloud backup alternatives too. It is the top pick if you require a fast.

This plugin doesn’t impact your website performance. It uses fewer server resources than most of its rivals because it is highly optimized for server performance.

d) WP Rocket Plugin
WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin