Topic: AffiliateX Review 2024 – Is AffiliateX The Best Affiliate Plugin For WordPress?

Being a professional blogger and affiliate marketer, I’m constantly on the lookout for the latest plugins and tools.

These latest technologies enable the best experiences for my audiences and generate massive affiliate commissions for me.

A while back, I came across one of the WordPress plugins called AffiliateX, which combines exclusive blocks and plugins for those who own affiliate sites.

I was curious about this and eager to give it a shot. After having the opportunity to use this plugin on a couple of my websites, I feel ready to share my opinions with you.

I’ll therefore discuss my experiences using this plugin and my experiences in this AffiliateX Review 2024 article.

Let’s discuss its overall aspects, features, benefits & drawbacks, including its pricing plans with discount codes.

In the end, this review of AffiliateX will assist you in deciding whether or not to invest in this plugin. So without any ado, I think it’s time to get deep down to review AffiliateX Plugin.

A Quick Overview

AffiliateX Review 2022 - Is AffiliateX The Best Affiliate Plugin For WordPress
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1Product NameAffiliateX Plugin
2Purpose & ObjectiveWordPress Plugin
3Potential UsersAffiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Website Owners, etc.
4Launched ByKraft Plugins
5Released On22-Nov-2021
6Price (Annual / Lifetime)Starts from $49 / $99
7Discount Coupon Code20% Discount Available
8Fast Download LinkClick Here

What Is AffiliateX?

AffiliateX is a WordPress plugin for bloggers and affiliate marketers who work with the Amazon Affiliate (Associate) Program, or any other affiliate programs from any country.

With AffiliateX blocks, you can build incredibly efficient affiliate marketing blogs that will enhance your affiliate income and maximize conversion rates.

There are tons of blocks such as – Single Product, Product Comparison Table, Pros and Cons, Notice, Call to Action, Specification, Button, and many more. 

These blocks are excellent for building affiliate marketing blogs. Each of these building blocks may be easily customized to create a personalized appearance and style.

The blocks, which are built with React, load quickly since they are performance and speed-optimized.

Improved website traffic, a higher CTR, and increased affiliate revenue are all made possible with AffiliateX.

Why Do You Need An Amazon Affiliate Plugin Like AffiliateX?

It won’t be a difficult task when you first start promoting one or two products in your initial days.

You just need to select the product from Amazon or other marketplaces, copy the URL from your affiliate dashboard and paste it into your WordPress articles.

But things start becoming complicated, once you start making sales and become driven by their lovely commissions.

You tend to promote more & more products, but then things start to get out of your control.

It can become stressful to promote numerous products, and it can be challenging to identify which product is responsible for the majority of your commissions. 

Additionally, you won’t be able to improve your website performance, user experience, and content to enhance sales without the appropriate insights about products (which these plugins provide).

Other advantages of AffiliateX-type affiliate plugins are that they also include the ability to build tables for product comparisons, search for products directly from your WordPress panel, and automatically update product listings.

Now before exploring the specialized features, blocks & best advantages of this plugin, let’s reveal who are the creators behind “AffiliateX Affiliate Plugin”.

Who Are The Creators of AffiliateX?

Kraft Plugins is the creator of AffiliateX, based in Nepal. The team at Kraft Plugins provides advanced technologies & solutions for bloggers, internet marketers & other online entrepreneurs.

When it comes to expanding your business online, Kraft Plugins can assist you with a few of the WordPress plugins they offer.

Their useful WordPress plugins are available to boost your business performance.

The company was started just 2 years ago in 2020, during the pandemic. But don’t underestimate the company; it’s new but highly professional, and the few plugins it has are top-notch products.

Apart from AffiliateX, Kraft Plugins offers four more advanced tools for bloggers & website admins. Let’s have a quick look at their 4 other products:

1. Wheel of Life

Do not confuse it with its name, it isn’t any game. It is a system for assisting individuals in evaluating their lives and identifying areas in which they might improve.

2. Delicious Recipes

This plugin will make you more interested in foods & eating. It’s the best method for creating and displaying recipes on WordPress websites.

3. Mega Elements

This is for those who utilize Elementor, the most popular WordPress page builder plugin. The functionality of that page builder can be improved in more than 20 innovative ways by using Mega Elements.

Demo Importer Plus is one of the most effective and strong plugins for importing demo templates on WordPress websites. Make a WordPress Website with ease by reading this post – How to Build A WordPress Website Using Astra and Gutenberg Block Patterns?

With just one click, you can quickly import the demo content, widgets, customizer settings, and theme settings.

Exclusive Features Of the AffiliateX WordPress Plugin

AffiliateX is a WordPress plugin specially designed for affiliate marketers who value speed, a high Click Rate (CTR), and fast conversions.

You can build visually stunning and profitable affiliate marketing websites with the help of the AffiliateX WordPress plugin. Let’s talk about some of the exclusive features of the Best Affiliate Plugin.

1. Simple to Use

Everybody can use AffiliateX. The plugin is simple to use and simplifies the process of product promotion.

2. Several Diversified Layouts

There are a variety of layouts available within the blocks. You can choose the preferred design and set them up however you like.

3. Effective Customization Management

Numerous customization options for alignment, colours, typography, and other factors are available for each block.

4. Responsive Designed Layouts

All the blocks are fully responsive to improve the readability of your articles and the overall user experience for all of your audience.

5. Global Customization Settings

You can quickly modify the global settings for font family, font color, button color, as well as the width of the backend editor.

6. Compatible With Any Theme

AffiliateX is compatible with any WordPress theme. They can function flawlessly together.

7. No Coding is Required

You can use this plugin without creating a single line of code even if you are a total newbie.

8. Increased Efficiency and Speed

Because AffiliateX uses the primary Gutenberg editor, you won’t need to use complex page builders or add pointless CSS and JS files to your website. It improves the performance and speed of your website.

Is There Any AffiliateX Free Demo Video Available?

Yes, AffiliateX provides lots of demo blocks on its official website. However, you can also watch their lots of free demo videos on YouTube. We are sharing with you one of the demo videos below.

What Are Some Extraordinary AffiliateX Blocks?

With the help of AffiliateX blocks, you can quickly and effectively build affiliate marketing websites, improve CTR and conversion rates, and enhance your affiliate income.

Well, AffiliateX provides tons of useful blocks and they’re continuously upgrading & adding more & more.

Here we are listing the 10 most useful & popular AffiliateX blocks & 8 Paid Affiliate Blocks.

List of Free AffiliateX Blocks

1. Single Product

It is appropriate for promoting any one specific product. There are 4 distinct layouts available.

2. Pros and Cons

AffiliateX Block Pros and Cons Layout 1
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Layout 1
Pros and cons Layout 2
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Layout 2
Pros and cons layout 3
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Layout 3
Pros and cons layout 4
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Layout 4

You can evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of any product. There are four different layouts.

3. Specifications

Specification block
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Specification Block

Using this block, you may display any product’s specifications. You may customize the appearance according to your preferences thanks to three alternative layouts and a bunch of customization options.

4. Verdict

Verdict block layout 1
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Layout 1
Verdict block layout 2
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Layout 2

You can give your opinions or conclusion about any product using this section. For this block, there are two distinct layouts available.

5. Call to Action

Call to action layout 1
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Layout 1
call to action layout 2
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Layout 2

Do you want a higher CTR and higher conversion rates? You may quickly capture your visitors’ attention and persuade them to take action by using this Call to Action block.

6. Button

Button Block
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Including buttons with a professional appearance will increase clickthrough rates (CTR). This button block can be customized completely.

7. Notice

Notice Block Layout 1
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Layout 1
Notice block layout 2
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Layout 2
Notice block layout 3
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Layout 3

In order to draw the attention of your visitors, you can use this Notice block to highlight any special information in your post or on your page. 

You can let visitors inform & make them aware of any exclusive offers, discounts, or promotions.

8. Versus Line

Versus Line block
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You can use this block to contrast the features of two products to assist your visitors in making an informed decision.

9. Product Table

Product Table layout 1
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Layout 1
product table layout 2
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Layout 2
Product Table block layout 3
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Layout 3

In order to showcase a variety of products, you can design an attractive table that lists those products.

10. Product Comparison Table

Comparison Block
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To compare two or multiple products at once, this block creates beautiful and informative product comparison tables.

List of Top 8 AffiliateX Pro Blocks

Unlike the Free Blocks, these Pro Blocks come with a premium or paid plan. They are extremely useful & very appealing, but you will have to pay for them. Let’s go through these Pro Blocks.

1. Top Products

Top Products Block
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With the ‘Top Products’ block, you can showcase the top listing products in a highlighted way, within your article.

2. Product Tabs

Product Tabs block
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The pro block ‘Product Tabs’ highlights your best product like an official marketplace. It enhances the trust & appealing factors among your visitors. It also adds your top 5 or top 10 products in a listicle way.

3. Single Product Pros & Cons

This ‘Single Product Pros & Cons’ is one of the best blocks to feature in a single product review article. You can add here a rating score, a brief description, a pros & cons comparison table as well as a CTA button.

4. Single Coupon

Single Coupon Layout 1
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Layout 1
Single Coupon Layout 2
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Layout 2
Single coupon layout 3
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Layout 3

The ‘Single Coupon’ is a powerful block to attract & convert your visitors through discount coupons or best deal offers.

5. Coupon Listing

This is an enhanced version of the last block. You can list out single or multiple discounts or best buy deals offers in a listicle format.

These blocks come with the integration of comparison, score rating, best value badge, brief description, coupon buttons, and CTA buttons.

6. Coupon Grid

Coupon Grid Layout 1
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Layout 1
Coupon Grid Layout 2
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Layout 2

This is also a similar version of the coupon blocks. These types of blocks also feature coupon codes, discount offers, or best buy deal offers but in a grid form.

7. Product Image Button

Product image Button block
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The ‘Product Image’ block is extremely helpful if you have registered in multiple affiliate programs of different marketplaces.

This block presents an image of your product along with the multiple tabs of different eCommerce sites. You can connect the same product with different affiliate links.

8. Versus

Versus Block layout 1
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Layout 1
Versus block layout 2
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Layout 2

The ‘Versus’ blocks make your article & website very professional. Your visitors can compare your website with giant marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

These types of blocks list & compare multiple products having the same features. People like to compare multiple products in this way.

What Are Some Best Alternatives of AffiliateX?

However, you may choose the AffiliateX plugin review at the end, as other plugins can’t beat this one.

But since you’re reading AffiliateX Review on my website, it’s my responsibility to make you aware of all the major alternatives.

It will help you to make a better-informed purchase decision, after going through its major alternatives in this article.

1. Affiliate Booster

The Affiliate Booster plugin is not just for Amazon, it works for any affiliate marketing program. After using this plugin, you won’t need to use any heavy page builders.

But there are some missing features that must be included such as Amazon geo-targeting. Even the Amazon API is not available yet.

2. AzonPress

You can create product analysis points, and comparative tables, and track all of your affiliate links in one spot using AmazonPress.

The best thing about AzonPress is that it retrieves photos, reviews, and pricing from Amazon directly via API.

But there is no fundamental documentation given by their creators. There is one more negative thing is that If you don’t grant Amazon API access, it won’t function. The preview editor is not a WYSIWYG.

3. WZone

WZone was created by the famous WooCommerce team. It offers 2 major benefits –

  • Geo-targeting
  • Auto-content spinner.

However, the algorithms of search engines have been more advanced. So spinning content isn’t sufficient to rank & they’re less readable.

As per the feedback of multiple users, WZone is a bit expensive for beginners or regular users. 

It has a free version but that isn’t sufficient for anyone as it provides only a few features.

What Are The Pros & Cons of AffiliateX?

We have seen some of the biggest alternatives of the AffiliateX plugin. They’re old players in the market but they have some major drawbacks. 

So let’s come back to our AffiliateX Review & explore its advantages & disadvantages. After that, we can compare it better with its alternatives.

Pros: AffiliateX Best Advantages

  • Customized Appealing Design Elements.
  • Very easy to use for beginners & professionals.
  • Built by AA team of experienced affiliate marketers.
  • Designs pages & elements without any coding or programming.
  • Responsive tables & other elements for mobile users.
  • DFY blocks, elements & templates.
  • Best for building affiliate websites & online stores.
  • The plugin is integrated with in-built themes.
  • Detailed documentation is available, unlike other plugins.
  • Even the free version is integrated with 10+ Gutenberg blocks.
  • Currently, AffiliateX is offering a 20% discount for Users who will purchase the plugin through below mentioned button.

Cons: AffiliateX Worst Disadvantages

  • The free version only offers a few features which won’t give you a complete picture of the plugin.
  • Besides the official demo & tutorial videos on YouTube, you can’t find tutorials from other YouTubers. However, their support team is always available.

How Is The AffiliateX Customer Support?

As I already told you, AffiliateX is backed by a company named Kraft Plugins. They have a very dedicated & honest team to support their users or customers.

Their official support timing is from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (UTC +5:45) but the support window is 24/7 open for its users. You can also contact them by generating support tickets.

There is extensive documentation and a specialized support system available in case you require any help. 

For those who learn best visually, the Kraft Plugins YouTube channel has several videos that can be used to understand each of the applications.

The company spends a lot of work making regular updates and improving the product. Additionally, they guarantee that each feature is easy to use and full of options.

Pricing Plans of AffiliateX?

The AffiliateX team offers you a Yearly as well as a Lifetime pricing model. Both types of pricing models are categorized into 4 different plans.

You can choose any one as per your requirement or preferences. First, let’s start with the Yearly Pricing Model. Then we will go through the Lifetime Pricing Model.

1. AffiliateX – Yearly Pricing Plans

a) Solo – $49 /year

  • For Individual Blogger
  • 1 Domain License
  • 1 Year Updates and Support
  • All features included

b) Professional – $99 /year

  • For Professional Bloggers
  • 5 Domain Licenses
  • 1 Year Updates and Support
  • All features included

c) Expert – $149 /year

  • For Bloggers with Multiple sites
  • 25 Domain Licenses
  • 1 Year Updates and Support
  • All features included

d) Agency – $199 /year

  • For businesses and agencies
  • 100 Domain Licenses
  • 1 Year Updates and Support
  • All features included

2. AffiliateX – Lifetime Pricing Plans

a) Solo – $99 /lifetime

  • For Individual Blogger
  • 1 Domain License
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
  • All features included

b) Professional – $199 /lifetime

  • For Professional Bloggers
  • 5 Domain Licenses
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
  • All features included

c) Expert – $299 /lifetime

  • For Bloggers with Multiple sites
  • 25 Domain Licenses
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
  • All features included

d) Agency – $499 /lifetime

  • For businesses and agencies
  • 100 Domain Licenses
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
  • All features included

3. Free Version For AffiliateX Plugin

If you are thinking about a free version, let me answer you. Yes, of course! AffiliateX also offers the free version with 10 Gutenberg blocks. They aren’t limited here, the crew will add more in the future.

Difference Between AffiliateX Free & Pro Versions

Most of the features & functions are similar in the free as well as pro versions. In the Pro version, you will also get more blocks than in the free version.

Extra Discount Coupon Code

AffiliateX is being offered a 20% discount for all of our users. If you’re also looking for this exclusive discount, you can get this no-brainer offer by clicking the button.

AffiliateX Refund Policy

AffiliateX has a clear refund policy. It offers a 14-day risk-free 100% Money-Back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the plugin, you can get a full refund.

Why Must You Use AffiliateX WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliate?

The creators of AffiliateX have experienced affiliate marketers. It is the finest WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers.

The plugin enables the creation of comparison tables, tabs for single products, coupons, and product boxes to produce affiliate blogs with high CTR and conversion rates in a flash. 

You will get whatever you require with AffiliateX to improve your affiliate marketing business.

1. Easy to Use & Highly Customizable

It merely takes a few minutes to configure any block in AffiliateX. You may completely customize each block to meet your needs thanks to the robust editing features.

With a live preview available in your default Gutenberg Editor and a ton of customization and layout choices, you can simply alter the appearance and effect of each block.

2. Enhanced Speed & Performance

The default Gutenberg Editor supports AffiliateX blocks. Heavy page builders are no longer required, which improves the performance and speed of websites.

AffiliateX WordPress plugin enqueues no unnecessary CSS or JS files and consumes a minimal amount of resources.

As speed is a key ranking criterion, this significantly improves the performance of your website and helps you rank higher in Google, Bing & other search engines.

3. Better CTR & More Revenue

Professional affiliate marketers developed AffiliateX to boost affiliate revenue.

Each block is specifically created to improve user experience, boost click-through rate (CTR), and increase conversion.

There are some most frequently asked questions about the AffiliateX WordPress plugin. Let’s get the answers to such queries.

The creators of AffiliateX are expert affiliate marketers. It is designed for bloggers & affiliate marketers who wish to produce affiliate blogs with a high CTR in a flash and significantly boost their affiliate income.

Yes, any WordPress theme can be used with this plugin. You can ask the support staff for help if you run into any problems.

Only the Gutenberg editor is intended for this plugin. Unfortunately, neither Classic Editor nor any page builders will support it.

You can upgrade your plan very easily from your account page, yes. You simply have to pay the difference, instead of the entire amount during the upgrade.

Yes! All users with an active license key have access to the automated updates every time for a lifetime or till the plan validity.

Yes, if you are dissatisfied with the plugin, they offer a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee. There will be no questions asked.

Yes, there is a 20% discount being offered. You can avail of this offer by just clicking any of the links/buttons available here, they are special 20% discounted links.

Conclusion: My Personal Opinion About AffiliateX Review

Finally, we come to the end of the AffiliateX Review 2024. So it’s time to share the conclusion of my personal opinion towards the Affiliate Plugin.

First, if you’re a newbie blogger, let me inform you that its main focus is to boost conversions rather than increase traffic.

So beginners should initially concentrate on increasing their traffic before trying to increase CTA and conversions!

The AffiliateX plugin is perfect for WordPress users who want to sell any kind of affiliate products or services through their blogs or websites.

The products can be physical products, courses, software, online tools, consulting services, or any kind of digital product.

Finally, yes I will definitely recommend you to use the AffiliateX plugin if you are a blogger, website owner, or anyone who wants to generate massive affiliate revenue. This is the best Affiliate WordPress plugin to skyrocket sales, CTR & conversion rates.

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