Are you searching for the Best Indian cloud Hosting SiteCountry Review in 2024? and the Hostinger alternative with high-speed cloud servers, mind-blowing support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee hosting service at an affordable price?

Hey Welcome back, Today we will review the most affordable, fast, secure, and reliable Indian cloud hosting SiteCountry.

The rank of your website is determined not only by its content and SEO but also by the hosting plan you use. The faster your website loads, the higher it will rank in search engine results.

A good hosting service is an important factor in any website’s search engine ranking.

However, not everyone can afford a good hosting plan that is feature-rich and effective in terms of load handling and performance.

We have tried and tested many hosting services such as; Fastcomet, Hostinger, DreamHost, EricHost, SiteCountry, and recently YouStable throughout our blogging journey and found out that SiteCountry is what you need. We have used SiteCountry Hosting for a couple of months now, and below is what we have concluded by reviewing it.

What Is SiteCountry?

SiteCountry is an Indian Hosting company that has been providing the most affordable hosting plans in India. The company was founded by Mr Aditya Shrivastava in the year 2020. The company’s headquarters is located in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh (India).

According to the founder, SiteCountry aims to provide the most affordable hosting all over the world. Not only are they keeping it affordable, but they are maintaining good loading speed, traffic handling, performance, and great uptime.

SiteCountry Overview | SiteCountry Review In 2024

SiteCountry Review 2023 With Exclusive UPTO 40% Off Coupon Code
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SiteCountry is a new hosting company that offers a wide range of affordable hosting plans. Whether it is Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, or VPS hosting, SiteCountry has it all at affordable prices. 

SiteCountry offers an excellent range of plans along with quick and highly qualified customer support. Furthermore, they offer swift loading speed in all their plans, whether it is the basic one or the premium one. 

Moreover, if you want to scale a small site to an enterprise level, SiteCountry offers a high Inode count. Also, most of the SiteCountry hosting plans can handle a good amount of traffic. 

The only thing you may not like about SiteCountry hosting is that it only stores your backup for 14 days, depending on the plan you have. Furthermore, it is a new hosting company, but you may love it while using its services.

Why Is SiteCountry Most Affordable Cloud Hosting in India?

SiteCountry is one of the most affordable Cloud Hosting in India because the company aims to offer only affordable plans. This is because the company wants to settle itself among the well-established hosting providers

SiteCountry takes only a tiny profit from every plan you buy from the site, which is why it is able to provide very affordable hosting plans in India and all over the world.

SiteCountry Key Features

If you have decided to get yourself SiteCountry hosting, or are still confused about whether or not you should buy it, then you may have a look at the detailed key features of SiteCountry review to know more about it. 

Furthermore, we have listed SiteCountry Public, Cloud, and Premium Hosting coupon codes which will get you an additional discount of up to 40%, so don’t forget to use them. 


The first major factor of any good hosting provider is excellent performance. In this regard, SiteCountry outperforms its competition. This is due to the fact that it offers NVMe and SSD storage in its plans which is x10 faster than other hosting providers.

Furthermore, SiteCountry doesn’t cap Bandwidth in most of its hosting plans. The best part about SiteCountry hosting is that, even though it’s a new company, it is able to manage 99.9% uptime in most of its plans, whether it is Public Cloud, Premium, or any other plan.

Sitecountry performance test GTmetrix
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Moreover, the speed and response time of SiteCountry Hosting is almost the same or even better than many of the well-established hosting providers such as; Fastcomet, Hostinger, and Youstable in the market. 


We have been testing SiteCountry for a long time now, and we can conclude that we haven’t faced any downtime yet on the hosting service. However, we believe that it may have gone down for a few minutes while we were away. 

SiteCountry is one of the Hosting providers that publish uptime or downtime results on their website. And here are the results.

SiteCountry Uptime In Premium Cloud Turbo Plans:

August 202399.73%
July 202398.05%
June 2023100%
May 202399.93%
April 2023100%
March 2023100%
February 2023100%
January 2023100%
December 202299.99%
November 2022100%
October 202299.99%
September 202299.88%
August 202299.99%
July 2022100%

According to our analysis, SiteCountry has been offering excellent uptime in the Premium Cloud Turbo Plans. SiteCountry is still improving on its services, features, uptime, and support. It’s the fastest growing best Indian cloud hosting compared to Hostinger, and EricHost.

SiteCountry Review Speed

When it comes to site loading speed, SiteCountry makes use of the LiteSpeed servers to deliver quick loading time. LiteSpeed servers are one of the best servers to get your website loaded up quickly, and SiteCountry is no exception to that. 

We tested our website speed in the Premium Cloud Turbo plan of SiteCountry, and our website had 1.1 MB of size along with a speed test location set to Mumbai. In the Premium Cloud – Turbo Plan, we got 1.5 seconds of load time.

Website speed test
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Our expectations from the Premium Cloud-Turbo Plan were a bit higher, but it is still not that bad.

Server Response Time

If you have a heavy website on a different country server and it doesn’t respond within seconds, the user will close the tab and move to another website. So you need to make sure that it responds as quickly as possible.

In this regard, SiteCountry has outperformed the competition with a marginal difference between Hostinger and EricHost. SiteCountry takes between 1 to 10 ms time to respond, depending on the location of the user.

Server Response Time SC.png
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SiteCountry Server Response Time in Different Locations:

  • Germany: 2 ms
  • Canada: 30 ms
  • Japan: 3 ms
  • Sydney: 2 ms
  • Mumbai: 1 ms
  • Sao Paulo: 4 ms
  • Singapore: 2 ms
  • London: 3 ms
  • US (E): 2 ms
  • US (W): 10 ms

Ease of Use | SiteCountry Dashboard

SiteCountry’s user interface is very modern and elegant at first glance. The design is very pleasant to the eyes, and you won’t find it difficult to use at all. 

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SiteCountry dashboard is very easy and beginner-friendly. You get information like Domains, Services, Billing info, support ticket details, etc., on the dashboard itself.

SiteCountry was also using the CPanel control panel previously, like FastComet, ChemiCloud, and A2Hosting, but is now using the Direct Admin control panel on its hosting platform due to the rise in the price of CPanel. The DirectAdmin control panel is unique, easy to use, and user-friendly.

SiteCountry Cache Management

As SiteCountry utilizes LiteSpeed servers, Cache management is very easy. You can use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin to manage the cache settings in all the plans.

If you have a budget to get a premium cache tool to improve your website speed 10x faster, I suggest you get a WPRocket Plugin. It’s a #1 WordPress cache plugin to boost your loading time, improve your page speed score, and optimize your Core web Vitals.

SiteCountry Data Centers

SiteCountry has data centres in a total of 4 locations, including India, the USA, Europe, and Singapore. Many big hosting providers such as; Dreamhost, Greengeeks, and Namecheap don’t offer India data centers. However, this is not the case with SiteCountry hosting.

Check out FastComet, if you’re looking for more data center locations because they have a total of 11 data center locations available in the whole world.

Website Backups

SiteCountry offers backup in its different plans. For instance, you can utilize the JetBackups Backup service to take a backup of your entire site automatically. The best part is that the backup is stored offsite, which keeps your data backup safe from hackers and any disaster.

SiteCountry stores your website backup for 5 days in the Public Cloud Plan and for 14 days in Premium Cloud and Elite Cloud plans.

Customer Support

SiteCountry offers customer support through various channels, including Email and Live Chat. Furthermore, they have a broad Knowledge base that you can check out for your basic queries.

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SiteCountry Live Chat support is just amazing, as they replied to us within 2 minutes and gave the resolution. Moreover, the support was helpful and polite towards our basic queries.

Website Migrations

SiteCountry offers at least one or multiple migrations in its different plans. Here is the list:

Public Cloud Plans:

  • Seed: 1
  • Sapling: 2
  • Tree: 3

Premium Cloud Plans:

  • Lite: 10
  • Pro Plan: 2
  • Turbo: 3

Site Builder

SiteCountry offers SitePad website builder with all its hosting plans that let you build a functional website with drag and drop feature. Moreover, SitePad has a total of more than 85 elements that you can use to build your website.

Software and Security

SiteCountry offers different software like PHP 8.0, Perl, Python, Node JS, and more. When it comes to security, it has many features, like the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

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Furthermore, it has 2-factor authentication, Hotlink Protection, SpamAssassin, ModSecurity, Security Questions, and Imunify360 Security Suite for your safety.

Pros and Cons of SiteCountry Hosting



  • Pocket-Friendly Plans
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Indian Cloud Servers
  • Swift Speed in All Plans
  • Decent Inode Count
  • Superb Load Handling


  • It is a New Hosting Company in the Market.
  • SiteCountry stores your website backup only for 5 days and 14 days in Public Cloud and Premium Cloud plans, respectively.

SiteCountry Plans & Pricing

SiteCountry offers to host plans in 3 different categories, including Public Cloud, Premium Cloud, and Elite Cloud. Furthermore, all 3 categories have 3 plans which are customized for different users.

SiteCountry Public Cloud Plans & Pricing

public cloud plans & Pricing
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SiteCountry Public Cloud – Seed Plan

The seed plan is the most basic plan that SiteCountry offers. This plan is ideal for beginners who want to build or test their websites. 

You need to note that you cannot host more than one website on this plan, so if you are willing to build multiple websites in the future, go with the Sapling or Tree plan.

SiteCountry Public Cloud – Sapling Plan

SiteCountry’s Sapling plan is one of my favourite plans that start at just ₹79 per month, and you can host a total of 3 websites in this plan. Moreover, the 25 GB SSD space is enough for most beginners.

SiteCountry Public Cloud – Tree Plan

If you are willing to move on to a plan that can handle heavy loads and more traffic, then SiteCountry’s tree plan is ideal for you. With a total of 50 GB SSD space and 10 email accounts, you can create, test, and scale multiple websites with this plan. 

SiteCountry Premium Cloud Plans & Pricing

Premium Cloud plans
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SiteCountry Premium Cloud – Lite Plan

SiteCountry’s Lite Plan under the Premium Cloud category is another great plan that is ideal for small businesses and small eCommerce stores. You get a free domain, 2 GB RAM, and 2 CPU cores that can easily handle mid-level business & eCommerce websites with multiple databases.

SiteCountry Premium Cloud – Pro Plan

SiteCountry Pro Plan is our personal favourite plan that comes at a reasonable cost for the feature it offers. 

This plan is ideal for websites that are expecting heavy traffic. This plan is comprised of 75 GB of NVMe SSD space which is x10 times faster than normal SSDs. It doesn’t matter how much load is on the server. Your website will load up more swiftly than ever.

SiteCountry Premium Cloud – Turbo Plan

If your website is already getting heavy traffic and your hosting provider is unable to handle it, even though you are paying them a hefty amount for your plan, then you should check out the Turbo Plan under the Premium Cloud category of SiteCountry. 

This plan comes with 100 GB of NVMe SSD space along with 3 GB of RAM and 3 CPU cores. While everything is fine with this plan, one thing that could be increased is the CPU cores.

SiteCountry Elite Cloud Plans & Pricing

Sitecountry Elite cloud plans
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SiteCountry Elite Cloud Startup Hosting Plan

SiteCountry’s Startup plan is ideal for small eCommerce sites and Startups with regular traffic. This plan is capable of handling heavy traffic as it has 8 GB RAM and unlimited SSD space. 

SiteCountry Elite Cloud Business Hosting Plan

Whether you have a medium or a large business, this plan is ideal for all your enterprise needs. Comprised of high-end resources and freebies, this plan is the perfect enterprise plan.

The Business Hosting Plan under the Elite Cloud category comes with Free SSL, nightly offsite backups, and premium anti-virus to secure your website from virus attacks.

SiteCountry Elite Cloud Enterprise Hosting Plan

Elite Cloud’s Enterprise is a complete web hosting suite, all you need for your enterprise-level website. 

With the 7 days of Nightly offsite backups, your website will be 100% secure from hackers and disasters, and you don’t have to worry about your website getting hacked. 

This plan comes with 16 GB of RAM and 300 GB of CDN quota, and this plan doesn’t get any effect from heavy traffic. Additionally, it comes with unlimited NVMe SSD space and unlimited Bandwidth that prevents any kind of restrictions on website load-handling capabilities.

Buying Guide: Purchase the Best Indian Cloud Hosting With Up To 40% Additional Discount

If you have finally decided to upgrade your website with the SiteCountry Hosting plan, here is the SiteCountry Hosting buying guide. We would recommend using the SiteCountry coupon codes listed below to get up to an additional 40% off.

Step 1

First of all, go to this link.

Step 2

Select the hosting category: Public, Premium, or Elite cloud.

Step 3

After that, select from the plans listed on the page and click on the Get Started button.

Step 4

After clicking the Order button, you will be redirected to the next page.

Step 5

Then, add your domain, or you can register a new domain. On this page, you will get an option to add a promotional code.

Step 6

Copy the coupon code from the coupon code area paste it into the blank box, and then hit the submit button.

Coupon Discount Preview
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Step 7

After the discount code is applied, click on Continue and then choose the billing cycle.

Step 8

You can also opt for Addons like Smart CDN, etc., which will add up as additional cost in your billing cycle.

Step 9

Then, hit the Continue button and choose your preferred payment gateway like UPI, Netbanking, Cards, etc.

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Step 9

Fill up the Client Information and checkout. 

That’s it. You’re done!

SiteCountry Latest Coupon Codes 2024

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Top 3 Alternatives of SiteCountry Web Hosting

In case you don’t want to go with SiteCountry hosting plans, you can go with YouStable, Hostinger, or Milesweb. The following hosting providers as the best and most affordable.

Youstable logo
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1. YouStable Hosting

YouStable is another cheap hosting option that comes after SiteCountry. Whether you want to scale your business to the enterprise level or want to start your blogging journey, YouStable is a great hosting option.

YouStable offers the latest NVMe SSD storage, free migration, 24/7 customer support, and Free DirectAdmin. The shared hosting plans start from as low as ₹139 per month. Furthermore, they have VPS plans and dedicated enterprise servers which come with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM.

YouStable in-depth review coming soon…

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2. Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger is one of the most reliable and affordable hostings. Hostinger’s basic shared hosting plans start from ₹129 per month. The best part about Hostinger’s hosting is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Hostinger has a rating of 4.5/5 on Trustpilot. Furthermore, tech giant like Google has rated Hosting 4.8/5 on their platform. Even the basic plan comes with 100 GB of SSD space along with free backups and unmetered traffic.

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3. MilesWeb Hosting

MilesWeb has some of the cheapest hosting plans starting from as low as ₹50 per month. MilesWeb hosting is ideal for beginners who are just starting. In the basic plan, you get to host a single website with 1 GB NVME SSD space and DirectAdmin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SiteCountry Offer Free Domains In All Hosting Plans?

SiteCountry doesn’t offer free domains in all hosting plans. Only some of the mid or high-end plan comes with a free domain.

Which CDN Does SiteCountry Offer?

SiteCountry offers Quic.Cloud CDN is the default in every plan. 

Does SiteCountry Have A Refund Policy?

Yes, SiteCountry offers a 14-day refund policy in India. In case you don’t like the hosting or feature, you can avail of your complete refund within 14 days.


In short, SiteCountry hosting offers the best quality hosting services along with cloud servers in India at affordable prices. Not only will your website improve in the search engine rankings, but it will also be much more responsive than ever before.

In the end, the decision is completely yours whether or not you like SiteCountry. In case you don’t want to go with SiteCountry hosting plans, you can also try hosting services from these alternative hostings such as; YouStable, Hostinger, or MilesWeb hosting.

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