Are you looking for the cheapest web hosting in India for beginners? or you’re here to learn an in-depth EricHost Review with a 15% discount coupon code, You are landed at the right post!

In this post, we will share the best and cheapest web hosting company for beginners which meets your needs & budget. 

And EricHost is the best option for beginners that offers all the features needed to build a website at the cheapest price.

If you’re a beginner blogger or a student and want to start your first blog, then you should try EricHost’s Hosting.

The EricHost is known as the best and cheapest web hosting in India with great features and free SSL. And here I am sharing my honest EricHost review with you, which includes its features, pricing & plans, exclusive coupon code, pros & cons, and faqs.

Let’s get started!

What Is EricHost?

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EricHost is an India-based web hosting company located in Lucknow (UP), INDIA. Its services have been active since 2019. EricHost offers the best reliable hosting services at the most competitive rates/prices. 

EricHost provides the best hosting services in India with high-speed Indian servers. EricHost provides an easy-to-manage dashboard with a CPanel control panel that lets you install different apps, scripts, and CMS through Softaculous and free SSLs in all domains, which helps beginners create their first blog and grow. 

EricHost is the best option for individual beginners and businesses to grow in the digital world. 

EricHost offers high-speed Indian servers with high-performance NVMe SSD storage that boosts website page speed. Page speed is one of the best practices to boost your website SEO and search presence on Google.

I hope you understand What is EricHost and now we are going to share our honest EricHost review in this post. 

Why is EricHost Hosting Cheapest & Best?

EricHost Review With 30% Discount Code Is it worth Buying
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I assume now the question in your mind is why EricHost hosting is the cheapest and best in India. Don’t worry; we are going to share why EricHost hosting is the cheapest & best after using EricHost services for more than 365 days. 

EricHost is the best web hosting company in INDIA which provides the best hosting features at the cheapest price due to its low popularity. 

I know, as a beginner, that you need the best web hosting with all the features required to build your first blog and grow your website with a low budget. And here, EricHost comes, which provides all necessary features with excellent uptime & support at an affordable & cheapest price. 

It provides high-speed Indian servers with NVMe SSD storage, free SSL, an easy-to-manage control panel, daily backups, global server locations, and a seven-day money-back guarantee. That’s why it’s the cheapest and best web hosting company in India. 

They’ve specialized in providing Indian hosting servers since launched.

EricHost provides the best services with great uptime and their support is also quick over WhatsApp, calls & Ticket. 

Also, you can try EricHost hosting by clicking this link & using our exclusive 15% off coupon code: “EYNWORLD”, which is only for you. 😍

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EricHost 7 Key Features ⇒ Biggest Reasons To Go With it

EricHost is a feature-packed hosting service with high-speed Indian servers.

 We will describe all the key features of EricHost that make it the best & cheapest.

All the key features of EricHost hosting are given below for an honest EricHost Review;

#1. Dedicated Secured Server

EricHost is providing a Dedicated secured server which means you’ll be getting a dedicated server that can’t be shared with anyone else when you get a dedicated server hosting.

#2. Daily Backup Facility

EricHost also provides daily cloud backups, a key feature of EricHost and most required for anyone who hosts a website on a hosting server. With its daily backup facility, you will not lose your website data.

Most companies only provide 7- to 21 days of backup; only some hosting companies provide daily backup. But EricHost is providing daily backup at the cheapest price, which makes it a must-try best and cheapest web hosting in India.

#3. 99% Uptime Guarantee

EricHost also provides 99%+ uptime with a top-notch speed at the cheapest price in India, which is excellent uptime for beginners with this price point. You can also check the server status of EricHost through the Server Status page.

#4. Free SSL Certificates

EricHost provides an easy-to-install option for SSL certificate installation through CPanel’s Let’s Encrypt deployment tool.

You can install SSL on all the websites you host with EricHost. SSL certification is required in this digital era for all websites/domains for data security. SSL is also required for SEO best practices to boost organic traffic, as Google recommends using SSL in its 200+ Google algorithms blog.

#5. Dedicated Customer Support

EricHost also provides 24/7 dedicated support, which ensures help in every situation. Its support starts work quickly to solve all your issues related to the hosting services within 24 hours.

ErichHost provides 24×7 customer support over WhatsApp, live chat, email, and support tickets. It also includes support over call but is not available 24/7. This type of dedicated support by EricHost makes it the best hosting at the cheapest rate.

#6. 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee

EricHost offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, which means if you purchase hosting from EricHost and use it, and if not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 7 days.

#7. Global Server Locations

EricHost is known for providing the best high-speed Indian servers with NVMe SSD storage, but it also has multiple global server locations to help grow your business globally. 

All available server locations are given below;

  • Banglore, INDIA
  • France
  • Lansing, USA
  • London, UK
  • Mumbai, INDIA
  • Phoenix, USA
  • Singapore

If you want more server locations for your website in the budget, Read our Fastcomet in-depth review 2024.

Types Of Hostings Available At EricHost

EricHost offers 2 Types of Hostings for beginners, marketers, and high-traffic sites. Types of hostings available at EricHost are the following; 

  • Shared Hosting
  • Business Hosting

EricHost Shared Hosting Pricing & Plans

EricHost provides Linux shared hosting, which starts from 59 INR/month and comes with three plans & pricing. Shared hosting is best for beginner bloggers, new businesses, and low-traffic sites. 

You can check all the plan details below;

Shared Hosting Plans | EricHost review
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Shared Hosting Plans | EricHost review

Starter Plan (59 INR/month)

In the Shared Hosting Starter plan, you can host 1 Website, 10GB NVMe disk space, 50GB bandwidth, 3 Subdomains, 3 Databases, 3 Email accounts, and 24×7 support with Free SSL certificates.

Medium Plan (99 INR/month)

In the Medium plan, you can host 3 Websites, 20GB NVMe SSD storage, 100GB bandwidth, and 5 subdomains. 5 Databases, 5 Email accounts, 24×7 live support, and Free SSL certificates with seven money-back guarantees.

Pro Plan (149 INR/month)

In the Pro Plan, you can host 5 Websites, 40GB NVMe disk space, 160GB bandwidth, 10 SubDomain, 10 Databases, 10 Email accounts, 24×7 live support, and Free SSL certificates with seven money-back guarantees.

EricHost Business Hosting Pricing & Plans

EricHost also provides Linux-powered Business Web Shared Hosting servers with unlimited resources.

That means you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, unlimited subdomains, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited FTP accounts with the EricHost business hosting plan. 

This hosting is best for Digital marketers, bloggers, and businesses with significant traffic.

There are 4 plans under Business hosting. All plan features & pricing are below;

Business hosting plans pricing erichost
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Business Hosting Plans and Pricing EricHost review

Bronze Plan (139 INR/month)

With a Bronze plan, you’ll get unlimited resources with a seven-day money-back guarantee, 24×7 support, and Free SSL certificates, but you can host only 1 Domain.

Silver Plan (199 INR/month)

With a Silver plan, you’ll get unlimited resources, a 7-day money-back guarantee, 24×7 support, and Free SSL certificates, but you can host 3 Domains.

Gold Plan ( 499 INR/month)

With a Gold plan, you’ll get unlimited resources, a 7-day money-back guarantee, 24×7 support, and Free SSL certificates, but you can host 5 Domains.

Enterprise Plan ( 599 INR/month)

You’ll get unlimited resources, a 7-day money-back guarantee, 24×7 support, and Free SSL certificates with an Enterprise plan. 

And you can host unlimited domains too. It’s the only complete hosting package with unlimited resources & unlimited websites.

Customer Reviews

EricHost review by Hostadvice
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As you can see above EricHost has a superb 4.9-star rating from 15 reviews on HostAdvice as of the day the post was updated!

You can be assured that you’ll get the best hosting service with good support and performance at a cheaper price EricHost.

EricHost Latest Coupon Code ⇒ Flat 15% Off

After reading our honest EricHost review, we know you wish to try it, and because you’re reading this post here, you deserve a highly discounted coupon code for an instant discount.

So for an exclusive discount for our audience, we have collaborated with EricHost and created an exclusive discount coupon code for EYNWorld readers that will instantly save you 15%. 

Just click here & use our exclusive coupon code “EYNWORLD” at the time of checkout to get an instant 15% discount.

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EricHost Latest Coupon Code

Use coupon code EYNWORLD at the time of Checkout and get a 15% instant discount.
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How To Activate EricHost Coupon Code?

Now you’re thinking about how to activate a 15% off coupon code and use it. Just follow below mentioned simple steps & get a 15% instant discount.

Step 1

Visit this link to open the EricHost official website, hover over the “Hosting” menu, and click on your desired Hosting type. For example, we have clicked and opened a “Business hosting” plan & chose “Silver Plan”. Now click the “Buy Now” button to proceed next step.

business hosting Silver plan erichost
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Step 2

Choose a domain name to register, or use your existing domain.

Choose a domain
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Step 3

Now review your hosting plan & choose billing for 12 months or more and click on the Continue button.

Configure plan
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Step 4

Now apply the coupon code EYNWORLD to activate the discount and click the Validate Code. Now you’ll see the bill has automatically been reduced by 15% and you got a 15% discount. And now click on the Checkout button.

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Fill in the details; Pay the amount and the hosting service will be yours!

EricHost Pros & Cons

We have used the service, and what we found about the EricHost review, whether it’s positive or negative, is given below;


  • 99%+ Uptime
  • Cheapest Price
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Good Speed & performance
  • One-click App installation
  • CPanel Control Panel
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • Indian & Global Server location
  • Global payment options include UPI & PayPal.


  • Not provide Unlimited website hosting except for business enterprise plans.
  • No Free Domain With Hosting

FAQs ⇒ EricHost Review With Exclusive Discount

Who Is EricHost Hosting Alternatives?

EricHost has only one alternative or competitor which is MilesWeb.

What is the high discount latest EricHost coupon code?

EricHost’s high discount coupon code is “EYNWORLD”; visit this link and use the coupon code at the time of checkout to get an instant 15% discount. The exclusive 30% discount coupon code is just for EYNZone Infoblog! audience.

Who is for EricHost hosting? 

EricHost is an affordable cheapest hosting that provides high-speed Indian servers for Beginners, New Businesses, and Marketers who have significant traffic or want to start and learn.

Conclusion ⇒ EricHost Review With 15% Discount Coupon Code

Let’s wrap up! We hope you have found our EricHost review with the 15% discount code informative and it contains all the details you need to know. We have shared a detailed EricHost review, talked about why it’s the best & cheapest, and shared all plans & pricing details with key features.

ERICHOST Review 2024 WIth 15% Discount Coupon

  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


EricHost is worth buying for beginners, new businesses as well as low-traffic websites. If you’re a newbie and have a tight budget you can consider choosing EricHost as it’s the best and cheapest value-for-money Web hosting available in INDIA.

And we know you’re reading till now; that’s why we have a special bonus for you. Just click on the below Try EricHost button and use our exclusive coupon code “EYNWORLD”  at the time of checkout for a 15% extra discount.

Don’t forget to leave a reply if you have liked our article or have any queries. Please follow us on our social media platforms and connect with us for any help related to blogging.

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