To Create Guided Website Tours - Use These 5 WordPress Plugins
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Topic: To Create Guided Website Tours – Use These 5 WordPress Plugins

It’s no secret that online visitors are increasingly looking for ways to learn more about a company or product before making a purchase. Consider using these five WordPress plugins to help you create thoughtful, interactive tours that show off your site’s features and help potential customers decide if it’s the right fit.

How to Easily Create Guided Website Tours in 2022

How To Create Guided Website Tours - Use These 5 WordPress Plugins
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If you want to create guided website tours that are easy to generate and manage, consider using plugins and WordPress themes. WordPress has a great built-in tour builder, but it can be fairly basic. If you want to make your tours more sophisticated, or if you want to add interactivity or video content, then you’ll need to use plugins.

Some popular plugins for creating guided website tours include Tour Builder by WPBeginner and SiteWinder by Advanced Web Developer Solutions. These plugins offer a wide range of features, including building custom tours, adding interactivity (such as quizzes or polls), and generating video content. If you’re unfamiliar with HTML/CSS, you may find using a theme helpful.

5 WordPress Plugins to create guided website tours in 2022

To make your website more visitor-friendly, consider using one of the many WordPress plugins available to create guided tours. These plugins help you easily create tours for your site, with everything from simple lead-ins to full walkthroughs. Here are five of the best: 

1. WP Guidebook:

This plugin lets you create tours with lead-ins, step-by-step instructions, customizable menus, and navigation. You can also add photos and videos to your tours and track user engagement stats to see how people use them. 

2. Tour Builder:

This plugin lets you create fully customized tours with multiple steps and destinations. You can also embed videos and maps in your tour pages and customize the look and feel of each tour page. 

3. Widget Custom Tour by WPCandy 

This plugin provides a simple way to create custom guided tours using WordPress widgets. You can add tour stops, descriptions, and photos and publish them on your website.

4. GoToMyGuide:

This plugin allows you to create custom guided tours for your website or blog using a simple point-and-click interface.

5. WooCommerce Product Tour:

This plugin allows you to create customized product tours for your WooCommerce shop. The tour will show users how to purchase products, add products to their carts, and track their orders.

5 Alternative WordPress Plugins to Help Guide Visitors Around Your Site

Image Map Pro

It is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to create custom-style borders and themes for their images. The plugin includes a built-in style editor that makes creating custom borders and themes easy and provides support for single and multiple images. Image Map Pro is perfect for creating custom style templates or theme templates, and you can use it with any WordPress theme.

jQuery WordPress

It is a plugin that allows you to style your WordPress site with minimal effort easily. You can create custom borders, themes, and styles with jQuery WordPress without writing code. This feature makes it a great plugin for beginners or anyone who wants to make quick changes to their site without learning to code.

WP Virtual Assistant

Chatbot that allows you to manage your WP website’s comments and reviews easily. With WP Virtual Assistant, you can: – Add new comments or reviews – Delete old comments or reviews – Manage comment replies – Automatically approve or reject comments – Send automated messages to users who have replied to your comments or reviews. The chatbot is available on the website and is free to use.


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If you want to create guided website tours, there are several plugins that you can use. Some of the best include Tour Builder by WPBakery Page Builder and The WordPress Guide to Website Tours by WPBeginner. Either plugin will allow you to create custom tours for your site easily and quickly. So if you’re looking to give visitors a guided tour of your site, these plugins are a great way to go!

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