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We have been using their services since 27 December 2021. That’s why we can give the best honest review of AmbitionHost.

In this post, we have reviewed Ambitionhost in-depth and also revealed the exclusive coupon code for the best discount if you want to try it. It also includes a cheap .com domain offer/coupon code in India for you.

AmbitionHost is the cheapest and best web hosting company in India. 

It’s also the best cheap domain provider hosting company in India.

You can avail of Cloud shared, Cloud server, VPS server, and Dedicated hosting at low prices and start your money-making website from Ambitionhost.

Read the full article to solve your queries & get an exclusive deal that is only for you.

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AmbitionHost Review + Coupon Code Best Cheap & Affordable Web Hosting India
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AmbitionHost Review + Coupon Code 2023 | Best Cheap & Affordable Web Hosting India | Free Lifetime Domain

What Is AmbitionHost?

Ambitionhost is an Affordable and cheap Hosting company from India located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Ambition Host is an Indian company that provides the best services at affordable charges. It also offers domains at very low prices. 

Their hosting services start from as low as 59 INR/month for shared hosting and go up to 7499 INR/month for Dedicated Cloud server hosting.

AmbitionHost offers the best cheap domain rates on wide extensions such as TLDs; .com, .in, .us, .net, .co & many more.

Why is AmbitionHost the Best Cheap Web Hosting in India?

Ambition Host is an Indian hosting company that provides high resources, security, SSD servers, beginner & expert-friendly control panels, and a lifetime free domain with the yearly plan at the lowest prices ever. Ambitionhost is a reputed hosting company that has been active in the hosting industry since 2018. 

AmbitionHost provides high uptime with fast page loading and security at the lowest prices.

Ambition Host is the only company that hasn’t lost their customers’ satisfaction till now with this price point. With Ambitionhost, your site is secure, safe & easy to use. AmbitionHost is rated 5 Stars at HostAdvice.

Let’s know about its key features.

AmbitionHost Key Features

AmbitionHost has multiple features with the lowest prices, which makes it the best cheap hosting company in India.

These features are listed below;

  • Litespeed web server with LS cache
  • CPanel Control Panel
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • Lifetime Free SSL
  • Lifetime Free Domain
  • Imunify360 Security
  • Secure business Email Accounts (Free Webmail)
  • PHP Manager/Selector
  • Priority Support
  • 30-day Money-back warranty

1. Litespeed Server with LS Cache

Ambitionhost provides you with Litespeed servers that ensure high speed so that your website loads quickly with an integrated LS cache. You can get LiteSpeed server hosting at the lowest price with Ambitionhost with an exclusive 25% discount by clicking the Activate Deal Button & Coupon code – EYNZONE.

2. CPanel Control Panel

CPanel control Panel
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CPanel Control Panel

Ambitionhost comes with a dedicated CPanel control panel which ensures you install WordPress effortlessly with Softculous & manage all hosting features with an easy-to-use panel. It provides a simple UI to manage your domain, email accounts, apps, and files in one place.

3. NVMe SSD Storage

Ambition Host provides NVMe SSD storage for the best hassle-free speed. It provides less latency, less caching & better uptime. With it, Ambitionhost provides you with 99.8% uptime with fast speed.

4. Lifetime Free Domain

Yes, you heard it right. Ambition Host is the only hosting company that provides you with a one-lifetime free domain (.com/in) with its yearly plans. That means renewing its hosting services; you don’t need to renew your one registered domain.

5. Lifetime Unlimited Free SSL

Ambitionhost provides lifetime unlimited free SSL, which means you’ll get free SSL on every site you host with Ambitionhost until your plan is active. All SSLs will auto-renew with your hosting renewal. You can activate SSL with the control panel through the Let’s Encrypt SSL deployment tool.

6. Imunify360 Security

When you get hosting from Ambitionhost, it comes with Imunify360 security. With Imunify360, your website is fully protected from all threats.

7. PHPManager/Selector

Ambitionhost provides you with PHPManager, which means you can change the PHP version of your website & test your website with the different parameters, and launch your website with your desired PHP version. 

8. Secure Email Accounts (Free Business Webmail)

Ambitionhost also provides you with free secure business email accounts. This means you can use business emails free of cost with Ambitionhost. You don’t have to pay any extra cost for accessing email services.

9. Priority Support

They have a specialized support team to address your issues via Email, Support ticket, Whatsapp, and phone calls.

They provide 24×7 support to their users. And even they can solve your issue over screen-sharing software if needed.

10. 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Ambitionhost provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee with all its features. That means you can use their services, and if unsatisfied, you will receive a full refund within 30 days. The 30-day money-back guarantee is only available when you purchase a hosting min. For a year, it’s not available on a monthly plan.

AmbitionHost Review | Data Center Locations

Ambitionhost provides 16 different data centre locations to host your site for better speed. It has the below-mentioned data centre locations;

  • India (Shared and Cloud)
  • USA (Shared and Cloud)
  • Singapore (Shared, Cloud, and Dedicated)
  • Poland (VPS)
  • France (VPS)
  • Germany (VPS)
  • London (Dedicated)
  • New York (Dedicated)
  • Toronto (Dedicated)
  • Mumbai (Dedicated)
  • San Fransico (Dedicated)
  • Sydney (Dedicated)
  • Amsterdam (Dedicated)
  • Dallas (Dedicated)

AmbitionHost Review | Pricing & Plans 2023

Ambition Host has 2 hosting plans, one is Shared hosting, and another is Cloud hosting plan. These also come in 3 plans & pricing.

It has two server plans too, one is a VPS server, and another is Dedicated server hosting with three plans & pricing.

Types Of Hosting At AmbitionHost Review

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS Server
  • Dedicated Server

1. AmbitionHost Shared Hosting Review

Shared Hosting with features
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Shared Hosting With Features

Shared hosting is designed for beginning bloggers & businesses. That comes with three packages. Ambitionhost provides the Best Cheap Shared Hosting in India.

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Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing
Package 1. Starter Plan (59 INR/Month)

With a Starter, you can host one website with 1GB RAM, 15GB NVMe SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server, Free SSL, PHPManager, and imunify360. 

Package 2. Basic Plan (115 INR/Month)

With a Basic plan, you can host three websites with 1GB RAM, 25GB NVMe SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server, Free SSL, Free .com Domain, PHPManager, and imunify360. 

Package 3. Plus Plan (156 INR/Month)

With Plus Plan, you can host 10 Websites with 2GB RAM, 100GB NVMe SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server, Free SSL, Free Domain, PHPManager, and imunify360. 

Package 4. Pro Plan (249.91 INR/Month)

With the Pro Plan, you can host Unlimited Websites with 4GB RAM, Unlimited NVMe SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server, Free SSL, Free Domain, PHPManager, and imunify360. 

2. Cloud Hosting | AmbitionHost Review

Cloud Hosting Features
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Cloud Hosting Features

Ambitionhost also provides the Best Cloud Hosting designed for Bloggers, Businesses, Web agencies, and e-stores with significant traffic. Ambitionhost offers three packages for Cloud Hosting with 2 different servers.

Cloud Hosting Plans & Pricing
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Cloud Hosting Plans & Pricing
Cloud Hosting Plans & Pricing
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Cloud Hosting Plans & Pricing
Package 1. Power Plan (129 INR/Month – Digital Ocean) & (139 INR/Month – Linode)

In Power Plan, you can host 3 Websites with 2GB RAM, 50GB NVMe storage, LiteSpeed Web server, PHPManager, Lifetime Free Domain, Lifetime Free SSL, and Imunify360.

Package 2. Advanced Plan (199 INR/Month – Digital Ocean) & (219 INR/Month – Linode)

In the Advanced Plan, you can host 10 Websites with 3GB RAM, 100GB NVMe Storage, LiteSpeed Web server, PHPManager, Lifetime Free Domain, Lifetime Free SSL, and Imunify360.

Package 3. Ultra Plan (299 INR/Month – Digital Ocean) & (329 INR/Month – Linode)

In the Ultra Plan, you can host unlimited websites with 4GB RAM, 200GB NVMe storage, LiteSpeed Web server, PHPManager, Lifetime Free Domain, Lifetime Free SSL, and Imunify360.

3. VPS Server Hosting | AmbitionHost Review 2023

VPS Server Hosting Features
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VPS Server Hosting Features

VPS – Virtual Private Server hosting is built on fast NVMe storage systems that are blazing fast SSDs.

Ambitionhost also provides the Best VPS Server Hosting at Cheap prices. These plans are designed for sites that have millions of traffic, have downloadable content, are e-commerce sites, and consume high bandwidth.

Features Of Ambitionhost VPS Server Hosting
  • Root Access
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Dedicated IP
  • Scalable Resources
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Control Panel
  • LiteSpeed Web Server

These Plans & Pricing Are Of Unmanaged VPS Hosting Plans

VPS Server Plans & Pricing
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VPS Server Plans & Pricing

Silver Plan (999 INR/Month)

With the Silver Plan, you’ll get 4VCore, 2GB RAM, 120GB NVme SSD storage, 500 Mbps unmetered, WHM & CPanel, and LiteSpeed server hosting.

Gold Plan (1999 INR/Month)

In the Gold Plan, you’ll get 6VCore, 4GB RAM, 200GB NVMe SSD storage, 1Gbps, Cpanel & WHM, and Litespeed server hosting.

Diamond Plan (2999 INR/Month)

In the Diamond plan, you’ll get 8VCore, 5GB RAM, 250GB NVMe SSD storage, CPanel & WHM, and LiteSpeed Server hosting.

AmbitionHost Pros & Cons | AmbitionHost Review 2023


  • Friendly Support via WhatsApp & Call
  • Extra technical support over screen-sharing software.
  • Best Cheap cloud web hosting with Free SSL, Lifetime free domain, and 99.9% uptime.
  • Free Business Emails 
  • Best cheap domain
  • A multi-user system is available, so you can add or manage other users and give them only the required permissions.


  • No coupon or extra discount is available on VPS and dedicated server hosting.
  • Sitepad page builder is available, but you must raise a ticket to access it.
  • Domain activation time is a little bit high.
  • Support time needs to be improved.

AmbitionHost Domain | AmbitionHost Review 2023

Domain Registration Page
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Domain Registration Page

Ambitionhost is also providing domain registration & domain transfer along with hosting. It provides domains for registration & renewal at the lowest prices, making Ambitionhost the best Cheap Domain company in India. With Ambitionhost, you can purchase TLDs at low prices with complete control and privacy Protection. 

Ambitionhost offers domain registration with various domain extensions at a low cost. Domains like; com, .in, .tech, .online, .xyz, .us, .co, .net etc are available to purchase that starts from 49INR/year.

AmbitionHost provides a .COM domain at 599 INR/year, but you can avail of the .com domain at 449 INR/year. All the details related to how to avail offer are mentioned below.

AmbitionHost Domain Coupon Code & How To Avail It?

Hey! Are you searching for a (.com) domain offer? Or are you searching for a coupon code for a .com domain purchase? 

You’re in the right place!

Just follow the below-mentioned steps and get unlimited .com domains at 449 INR/-  for a year;

Step 1

Go to Ambitionhost.in the Official site. Click on Domain Registration Page.

Domain Registration Page
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Domain Registration Page

Step 2

Search your desired domain name and check if it’s available. 

Domain Name Availability Check
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Domain Name Availability Check

For example, I have searched for “eyntest.com,” and it’s available.

Step 3

Now click on the Buy Now button. After clicking the button, you’ll see Review & Checkout Page. And you’ll see the domain price is 899 INR/Year for a .com domain.

Click Buy Now button of desired Domain step 3
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Click Buy Now
Review and checkout page
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Review Page

Step 4

It’s time to reveal our exclusive coupon code that will reduce its price from 899 INR/Year to 449 INR/Year.

Enter Coupon Code Here Validate coupon Code
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Enter the Coupon Code Here & Validate the Code

Just enter EYN399, our exclusive coupon code, at the Promotion box & click Validate Code. 

Price After Coupon code applied
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Boom! The price of a .com is now 449 INR/year. You can see the above image.

Now fill in billing details and domain registration information, select the payment method, and pay the amount with your desired payment option. 

Ambitionhost does not take any extra charges like GST and Service charges, which means you have to pay only the amount mentioned in the Order Summary.

Great News! Your domain purchase is successful. 

Note:  Domain can take up to 24 hours to get active due to DNS propagation. In our case, the domain is active within 3-4 hours.

You can avail of this coupon code for unlimited domain purchases.

AmbitionHost Exclusive Coupon Code 2023 | Flat 25% OFF

Are you searching for an Ambitionhost Hosting Coupon code that works & gets a discount of a flat 25%? Or landed here to know the same. 

Good News! 😍 We are going to reveal a money-saving exclusive 25% Off hosting coupon code that can reduce a flat 25% money from your hosting bill at the time of checkout. By the way, the company is offering a 15% discount on their platform & it’s their highly discounted deal. But wait, we have talked with the Official Ambitionhost Team & created an exclusive 25% Off coupon code for EYNZone Infoblog! Readers.

Now the wait is over! The money-saving coupon code for hosting purchases on Ambitionhost is EYNZONE. Just use the coupon code when checkout & boom, your bill will be 25% reduced.

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AmbitionHost Latest Coupon Code | AmbitionHost Review 2023

Don’t forget to use our exclusive coupon code EYNZONE at the time of checkout while purchasing a hosting, and EYN399 at the time of .com domain purchase.
10+ People Used
Only Few Left
On-Going Offer

Note: The coupon code for Hosting will only work on Shared Hosting & Cloud Hosting Plans.

If you want to know How to avail of this coupon code, just read the next Heading/section given below.

How To Avail Flat 25% Discount On Hosting Purchase

Just read all the below-given steps & follow them to get a flat 25% discount while purchasing hosting on AmbitionHost.

Step 1

Just click on Ambitionhost.in and open their official website. And hover over the Hosting tab & click on Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting with features
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Shared Hosting Page

Step 2

Now click on the Order Now button of your desired hosting plan as your needs. For example, I’m clicking on the Order Now button of the Plus plan.

order now desired hosting plan
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Shared Hosting Plan Selection

Step 3

After clicking on the Order Now button, you’ll see a ‘Choose a domain page’. It’s a required step while purchasing hosting. You can use your existing domain, transfer your domain, or register a free lifetime domain with the yearly plan.

For example, I have checked & registered a new domain. Now click on Continue.

Check domain, Add to cart click continue
  • Save

Step 4

Now you’ll see the Configure Page. Choose your billing cycle according to you, but I will recommend selecting a yearly plan because, with the annual plan, you’ll get a free domain (.com). After selecting your desired billing cycle, click the Continue button.

Billing Cycle selection Continue
  • Save

Step 5

Now you’ll see a Review & Checkout page. As you can see, the domain price is 0, which means the domain is free of cost with the yearly plan.

Enter coupon code in Promotion box validate code
  • Save

Step 6

On the Checkout page, you’ll see the discount price of Ambitionhost hosting itself. Now hover to the Promotion tab and Enter the exclusive coupon code EYNZONE. Boom! You have successfully availed yourself of a 25% discount deal. 

Promo Code Applied, Click checkout
  • Save

Now fill in the billing information, click Checkout, and pay the amount. And the fast & secure web hosting with a free domain is entirely yours & good to go.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | AmbitionHost Review + Coupon Code

What is the high Discount Promo code for hosting purchases at AmbitionHost?

You can avail of a flat 25% discount with our exclusive coupon code. Use EYNZONE at the time of checkout for a discount.

What is the best plan for beginners?

In our opinion, the Ambition Host’s Shared Hosting Plus Plan will be good for beginners. Don’t forget to use our Ambition Host coupon code EYNZONE for an extra 25% discount.

Which plan is best for medium-traffic websites & affiliate blog websites?

Ambition Host Cloud hosting Power plan would be good for the start & after you can upgrade the plan to your needs & requirements.

Conclusion | AmbitionHost Review + Coupon Code

Let’s wrap up! I hope you have found all your queries solved in this blog post – AmbitionHost Review + Coupon Code in 2023.

Ambitionhost is the best cheap Shared, Cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting provider company in India. With excellent performance, speed, security, and ease of use. The Ambitinhost also provides you with a free lifetime domain with a yearly plan and free lifetime unlimited SSLs. 

If you’re looking for the best SSD storage, secure and fast with free domain & email accounts at low prices, please go ahead with Ambition Host. Don’t forget to use our highly discounted exclusive coupon codes to get the best discounts while purchasing a domain or hosting at AmbitionHost. Coupon codes for the .com domain & hosting are the following, EYN399 & EYNZONE.

With these coupon codes, enjoy a 25% discount over hosting purchases & a .com domain at just 449/Year.

We hope you liked our article.

Don’t hesitate to comment if you liked our article or not. And ask anything related to this review or else related to blogging in the comment section. Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel to get fast access to blogging guides, blogs, offers, and exclusive deals.

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